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Mallorca Motorbike

Rent a Harley - Rent a Bike

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  • Insurance
    the comprehensive is unlimited. The clients liability in the case of an accident is as follows: Euro 1000,- for motorbikes 125ccm, Euro 1000,- for motorbikes at 250ccm, Euro 1500,- as off 650ccm and Euro 3000,- for motorbikes with more than 1000ccm and all Harley Davidson bikes. Vehicles my not be driven by other drivers without the authorization of the rental company. Failure to notify the Company will result in the loss of the fully comprehensive Insurance. This includes also failure against traffic laws, like stop signs, speed limits, driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, etc.
  • Taxes
    All taxes and fees are inclusive.
  • Mileage
    unlimited, you are entitled to use the vehicle in Majorca only.
  • Deposit
    see rental contract
  • Gasoline
    The vehicles are handed over with full gasoline tanks, and must be returned with full gasoline tanks too.
  • Fineries or traffic infractions
    have to be paid by the tenant. In the case of a fine or an infraction the tenant is obliged to announce these to the rental company.
  • Validity
    contracts of a one day rent run from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m., if the rent is longer than one day the rent runs from 10 a.m. of the first rental day until 8 p.m. of the last rental day. In the case of an overdue rent the additional rent per hour as off 8p.m. is € 10,-.
  • Age
    condition for the rent of a Scooter is a minimum age of 18 and a car drivers license. The minimum age for the rent of a motorbike up to 750ccm is 25 and requires the possession of a drivers license for motorbikes for more than 1 year.
  • Compensation
    in the case of an accident of which the driver is guilty of, the driver has no right to claim replacement of the vehicle. Also the driver has no right to claim any compensation concerning the remuneration of rental payments. In the case of an accident of which the driver is not guilty of, the driver may claim the replacement of the vehicle for the rest of the rental period. All other remuneration claims of the driver may not be taken into consideration.
  • Returning the vehicle
    if not otherwise agreed, the vehicles have to be returned to the place of takeover.
  • Garaging/Parking
    The Scooters and motorbikes have to be locked with the keys and the provided lockers when garaging or parking.
  • Tours
    We make it a condition that all participants ride using the same social style of cycling, which must fit in with the group conditions. Cruising - not racing!
    The undersigned (participant) takes part in the tour at his or her own risk. He or she alone bears the civil and criminal responsibility for any injury to persons or damage to property cause by him- or herself or by the vehicle he or she uses.
    The undersigned hereby declares he or she agrees that the tour operator assumes no kind of responsibility whatsoever for injury to persons or any other damage, unless it is caused intentionally by or due to gross responsibility on the part of the tour operator.
    The undersigned hereby renounces all claims and any right to action or regress against the tour operator as a result of any incident incurring damage, unless said incident is caused intentionally by or as a result of gross negligence on the part of the tour operator, both for him- or herself and for his or her legal successors and persons entitled to maintenance. Through this declaration the undersigned releases the tour operator entirely from any claims from third parties, in the event of the tour operator being held jointly responsible for any incident incurring damages caused by the undersigned. The tour guide sets the rate in accordance with the traffic situation and the road and weather conditions. Cruising is better than racing! The pictures or video recordings made on tours by the operator are the copyright property of the tour operator. The latter is entitled to use this material free of charge for advertising purposes, even if participants are recognisable.
  • Court
    The court jurisdiction area for DaSi Biketour S.L. is Manacor / Mallorca, Spain.
  • Cancellation costs

    When booking you pay 20% on our account that we keep if you cancel the booking!
    2 weeks before 50% from your booking!
    5 days before 100% from your booking!