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Mallorca Motorbike

Rent a Harley - Rent a Bike

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volume::   103cui (1690ccm)
HP:   78
seats:   2 persons
license:   class A
minimum age:   25 with at least 1 year of experience
price 1./2. day:   130 €
Price from 3 days:   120 €
Price from 7 days:   110 €
Full insurance incl. Deposit:   3000 €
Extras (part. detacheable):   ABS
Crashbars with footpegs
Motor Twin Cam 103
A valid credit card will be required for the security deposit.
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Motorcycle accessories

Accessory packages consisting of helmet, gloves, and kidney belt are free of charge and available in all sizes!
More services?

  • Airport service...
    - Pickup and return to/from the airport (max. 4 persons per trip)
  • Delivery to the hotel...
    - Delivery and collection of the bikes (max. 2 per trip) to any hotel, finca, or holiday home on the island
  • ... Just talk to us!